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  1. On the 14th October we celebrate World Standards Day, the theme this year is 'Standards for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)'. The SDGs recognize that ending deprivations goes hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve the environment. International standards are an important tool to achieving the SDGs; they are developed collaboratively via consensus from experts across the globe and support policy objectives via improved productivity and reduced barriers to trade while also protecting consumers and the environment.
  2. Ben Hedley

    World Standards Day

    Learn more about world standards day in this message from IEC, ISO and ITU:
  3. Please see attached agenda and presentations that were delivered at the CSN 2021 Annual meeting on 15th September. Over 100 participants from throughout the Commonwealth attended, we would like to thank them all for their continued engagement and for helping to shape the work programme. The meeting was an opportunity for the CSN secretariat to update the membership on CSN work programmes and to receive feedback. Also, the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) delivered a presentation about Collaboration that we will be following-up on with the membership. A recording of the zoom session can also be viewed here. CSN Annual Meeting_2021-09-15 (final).pdf CSN Annual meeting_Agenda_15th September 2021 (v2).pdf
  4. BSI Whitepaper: Supporting digital transformation in developing economies "The digitalization of economies and wider society is growing rapidly. However, the rate of uptake of digital technology and transition to digital trade is not equal across the globe, widening the digital divide and putting countries' achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at risk. Our whitepaper considers the barriers to uptake and identifies the key role that standards have to play in promoting digitalization in developing economies. It also looks at concerns about cyber security, interoperability and privacy, and building trust in innovative applications of new technology. To address this, our paper proposes a standards-based digitalization toolkit that will help build a resilient and sustainable digital economy."
  5. Dear Felicien Thank you for taking the time to complete all 5 CSN eLarning modules and for completing the feedback surveys. Certificates for all 5 modules should now be with you, apologies for the delay. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for additional eLearning courses that you would like to see the CSN develop. Best Regards Ben Hedley
  6. Thank you for posting this announcement, these look like useful sessions.
  7. International commitment pledges to accelerate transition to net zero · New London Declaration to embed climate considerations into all standards to accelerate the achievement of climate goals. · International Organization for Standardization (ISO) commitment has been led by BSI (The British Standards Institution). A game-changing moment for international standards will enable a real acceleration in government and industry transition to net zero. Led by BSI, and approved by the ISO members, the London Declaration is a commitment to ensure global standards will support climate action and advance international initiatives to achieve our global climate goals. Following recent research that shows fewer than one in four of the world’s largest companies are on track to meet basic climate change targets and Europe will miss its 2030 climate goal by 21 years[1], the London Declaration commits signatories to embed key climate considerations into every new standard that is created. It will also retrospectively add these requirements to all existing standards as they are revised, a change on an unparalleled scale. Susan Taylor Martin, Chief Executive of BSI, said: “There are an increasing number of corporate commitments and government targets around reaching net zero, but a lack of direction as to how these targets can be met. Governments and industry need clear, practical guidance to achieve net zero. Standards are a trusted, global methodology and framework which can be used by both governments and industry to deliver real change. BSI was the originator of the London Declaration. We are very pleased that this will be taken forward by ISO, its members and other standards bodies so that we can work together with other countries to ensure that standards become an enabler for organizations of all sizes to accelerate our transition to a more sustainable world.” Scott Steedman, Director-General Standards at BSI, said: “Consensus-based standards are in a unique position to enable positive climate action. The sheer scale that standards operate at and the vital role they play for government and industry alike means they can accelerate the achievement of the goals in the Paris Agreement, the UN SDGs and the UN Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience. BSI is proud to lead the development of the London Declaration and is fully committed to seeing it implemented across the 40,000 standards in our national portfolio. The Declaration will help ensure that climate-friendly standards become the norm across all industries.” ISO President Eddy Njoroge echoed the commitment: “The ISO community has spoken. Together, we have made a historic declaration that reaffirms our commitment to climate action. As I took up my role as President, I came with a view that ISO standards can be a catalyst for development. Two years on, it has now become my deep-seated conviction. Let’s create a climate future that we, and all our future generations, want, need and deserve.” Opening ISO Week London, Minister for International Trade, Ranil Jayawardena said: “Today, almost 24,000 international standards developed by the ISO underpin every major supply chain, from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat. The use of standards - especially truly international ones - makes it easier to produce, sell, and buy products and services, enabling the global trade that is key to driving growth, creating jobs and securing value for consumers. Britain looks to galvanise global action on climate change during her presidency of COP26 in Glasgow this November and we welcome the ISO’s London Declaration, which will support our collective aim.” Nigel Topping, UN High Level Climate Action Champion, said: “The London Declaration is a critical international commitment that will enable businesses and organisations across the global economy to accelerate their climate action by using trusted standards aligned with robust net zero targets. We are looking forward to working more closely with ISO, BSI and other national standards bodies to facilitate wider and faster climate action in this race to a zero carbon world." Gonzalo Muñoz, UN High Level Climate Action Champion, said: "We celebrate ISO's London Declaration commitment as an important milestone in shifting the landscape of international standards to help non-state actors race to halving global emissions by 2030. This leadership is so welcome, and we are excited to continue working with ISO and its national standards bodies in the run up to COP and far beyond." As well as promising that ISO will work with all members, stakeholders, and partners to actively consider climate science in the development of new and revised standards and publications, the London Declaration also stipulates that it will facilitate the involvement of civil society and those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change in the development of all international standards and publications. The Declaration is being formally signed at the BSI hosted ISO Week London 2021, a meeting of all 163 national standards bodies. Afterwards, an Action Plan will be developed which will detail tangible initiatives and reporting mechanisms associated with the Declaration. Standards have already begun to enable the transition to net zero. BSI recently developed the Energy Smart Appliances (ESAs) standards in response to the UK government’s transformational energy plans. Smart appliances can make electricity demand more responsive to the availability of renewable energy, helping to reach net zero more quickly by enabling consumers to be involved in managing demand in the electricity system. The standards provide essential guidance and good practice for the fast-moving industry to roll out ESAs safely and responsibly, whilst also helping protect consumers from data and privacy risks. Additionally, BSI developed a standardization program for the UK-government backed Faraday Battery Challenge in order to help the rapidly evolving battery production, recycling, and research sectors to work together in a more environmentally friendly and safe way. Standards are supporting the growth of the battery industry both in the UK and now they are now poised to do the same for many more sectors. [1] Companies are crucial to solving the climate crisis. 75% are falling short - CNN Further details available from: ISO: BSI:
  8. CSN Case Study: Raising awareness about the benefits of using standards in Uganda. CSN_Case study_Standards awareness in Uganda_2021.pdf
  9. CSN Case Study: Training The Trainer To Achieve Standards Compliance In Uganda CSN_Case study_Standards in Uganda_2021.pdf
  10. Subject: Invitation and draft agenda for Commonwealth Standards Network Annual Meeting (2021) Dear Commonwealth Standards Network stakeholder, I write to invite you to attend the Commonwealth Standards Network (CSN) annual meeting that will take place online from 2pm-3pm UK time (1pm-2pm UTC/GMT) on Wednesday 15th September 2021. The meeting will be an important opportunity for participants to be updated on CSN progress and to help steer the work programme. Draft Agenda: 1. CSN Updates 2. ‘Collaboration’ presentation and discussion led by Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) Associate Director Adrian Miller 3. Next steps for the CSN work programme 4. NSB Enterprise Resource Planning systems – sharing of experiences 5. Q&A Session 6. AOB Join Zoom Meeting: · Date: Wednesday 15th September 2021 · Time: 2pm-3pm UK time (1pm-2pm UTC/GMT) · Join Zoom Meeting: · Meeting ID: 964 2567 8422 · Passcode: CSN2021 · Find your local number: · Join by SIP: Note: The session will be recorded, and individual/regional calls will be set up for countries where the timing of the main meeting is not practical. Yours faithfully, Ben Hedley Senior Programme Manager, Commonwealth Standards Network T: +44 20 8996 7122 CSN Annual meeting_Agenda_15th September 2021.pdf
  11. Click HERE to access CSN eLearning Module 1 'International standards' By the end of this module you will be able to: Define international standards; Explain how international standards are made; Classify different types of international standards; Understand and differentiate between different quality infrastructure components.
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