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  • ISO 'Project Management in the ISO environment' Free online course (requires ISO connect login)

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    Ben Hedley

    ISO 'Project Management in the ISO environment' Free online course.

    'This e-learning course is designed for Committee Managers and their support teams. 

    You don’t need to be newcomer to any of these roles to take this course as it has been designed to provide you with solutions and support, regardless of whether you are an experienced Committee Manager or a beginner. 

    You can take the course in its entirety, or take one of the modules as a "just-in-time" training for a specific need (e.g. a new proposal is coming in, or you are currently facing difficulties with a project at CD stage).

    Please note that anyone in the ISO standards community can access this e-learning course, so if you think it could be beneficial to someone else in your committee (e.g. Convenor, Project leader etc.) you can share a module with them.'

     (Note: This is a free course but access is only available to ISO members with 'ISO Connect' Login details)

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