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  • CSN Annual Meeting: 15th September 2021. 2pm-3pm UK time (1pm-2pm UTC/GMT)

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    Ben Hedley

    Subject: Invitation and draft agenda for Commonwealth Standards Network Annual Meeting (2021)


    Dear Commonwealth Standards Network stakeholder,

     I write to invite you to attend the Commonwealth Standards Network (CSN) annual meeting that will take place online from 2pm-3pm UK time (1pm-2pm UTC/GMT) on Wednesday 15th September 2021.


     The meeting will be an important opportunity for participants to be updated on CSN progress and to help steer the work programme.


    Draft Agenda:

    1.     CSN Updates

    2.     ‘Collaboration’ presentation and discussion led by Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) Associate Director Adrian Miller

    3.     Next steps for the CSN work programme

    4.     NSB Enterprise Resource Planning systems – sharing of experiences

    5.     Q&A Session

    6.     AOB

    Join Zoom Meeting:

    ·       Date: Wednesday 15th September 2021

    ·       Time: 2pm-3pm UK time (1pm-2pm UTC/GMT)

    ·       Join Zoom Meeting:

    ·       Meeting ID: 964 2567 8422

    ·       Passcode: CSN2021

    ·       Find your local number:

    ·       Join by SIP:

     Note: The session will be recorded, and individual/regional calls will be set up for countries where the timing of the main meeting is not practical.


    Yours faithfully,


    Ben Hedley

    Senior Programme Manager, Commonwealth Standards Network

    T: +44 20 8996 7122



    CSN Annual meeting_Agenda_15th September 2021.pdf

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