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  • CSN Annual Meeting 2023 Brisbane Presentations and notes

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    Ben Hedley
    • Participation in-person: 64 attendees representing 26 Nations, plus three regional organisations (ARSO, CROSQ, PACER). Online participation TBC, online recording will also be available.


    • Scott Steedman (BSI DG- Standards) and Raymond Murenzi (Rwanda Standards Board DG) opened and chaired the meeting;
    • Karen Bell gave Keynote speech announcing CSN Phase 3 and Standards Partnership;
    • Ben Hedley provided a CSN work programme update;
    • Charles Davies provided a Standards Partnership programme update;
    • Workshop discussion responding to proposed work programme:
      • Canada: Supportive of CSN simplifying additional sustainability standards to SME audiences.
      • Kenya: Supportive of CSN helping to communicate the value of using standards for private sector and government and building NSB capacity.
      • Rwanda: Rwanda have signed the UN Declaration on Gender Responsive Standards & Standards Development, developed action plan, and published standards and supports CSN sharing learnings from this.
      • Ghana:  Propose that CSN measure the levels of NSB maturity and address gaps - then support NSB discussions with Policy makers.
      • Jamaica: Propose the CSN profile its membership and ability to help address the ‘digital divide’.
      • ARSO: Supporting participation in international standards development is important.
      • Trinidad & Tobago: CSN can support for NSBs to become financially sustainable –helping them develop business models.
    • Presentations attached.

    CSN Annual Meeting_2023-09-21.pdf

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