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  • Freely available BSI COVID-19 Safe working guidelines

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    Ben Hedley

    Update: Version 2 of the ‘Safe Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines’ is now available on the following link, and is applicable to large and small businesses alike:


    In its role as the UK’s National Standards Body, BSI has just published new, freely available safe working guidelines, to help businesses manage a safe return to work and reoccupation of their facilities. These guidelines are intended to become a consensus of good practice and BSI is encouraging stakeholders from business, government and civil society to have their say and share their own learnings and insight on safe working to help protect public health.

    With your valuable expertise, we’d really like to ask you to take part in this process and comment on the guidelines.

     The link to access the Version 1 guidelines document and make comments is here:

     More about the guidelines:

    Version 1 of the guidelines is available for immediate use. It provides a framework for business owners, senior leaders, managers and workers to protect people at work from the ongoing risks related to the coronavirus.

     BSI is working with an Advisory Group on the project and will revise the document as frequently as necessary to reflect the dynamic situation businesses are in today, taking into account the comments, government guidance, the level of risk and emerging knowledge. A second Version of the guidelines will be published at the end of June with the revised sections clearly highlighted to assist easy implementation.

     Each Version of the evolving guidelines will be sector neutral and aligned to, and complementary to, current UK Government guidance.

     Many thanks for your input and involvement in this.

    Safe working during COVID-19 260520.pdf

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