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  • IEC insights from the G20 Standards Dialogue

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    "What is the main challenge in developing global sustainability standards?

    At IEC, the Standardization Management Board already emphasizes the need to analyze how our standards contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and one of the key strategic goals of the IEC is to foster a sustainable future. So, we have agreement on the severity of the issue. Now, the main challenge that we face is to empower technical committees which are usually focused on performance standards to also address sustainability issues. These experts have spent decades perfecting their jobs. However, they do not always have sustainability expertise. And therein lies the gap that we need to bridge.

    ......What are some of the focus areas for the development of standards for sustainability?

    Naturally, standards that accelerate the transition to renewable energy alternatives and lead to a net-zero emissions world, are important. 

    Consequently, we hope for a wider adoption of renewable energy standards, electric vehicle standards, and sustainability elements within existing performance standards for products."

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