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  • Standards, Sustainability and Climate Change: ISO TC 207

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    Ben Hedley

    On 11th December, ISO published this message from  President, AirVironment Canada Inc., and Chair-elect, ISO/TC 207, Environmental management:

    "Standards create change faster. Climate change is happening fast. The world does not have time to prevaricate. But ISO standards can help us make the right policies and speed up the pace.

    Standards can supercharge our climate efforts .

    It is paramount that organizations clearly report on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their progress on reducing them. Standards are helping to guide the development of greenhouse gas inventories, which comprehensively list GHG volumes and where they come from. As such, they are an effective tool as we work to curb emissions, because they demand verifiable evidence. This bolsters trust that climate action is action and not just rhetoric. "



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