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  • Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) tackling counterfit substandard goods

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    Ben Hedley

    The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has undertaken a rigorous operation resulting in the destruction of a staggering 837,075.07 tonnes of counterfeit goods valued at 21.8 million Tanzanian Shillings. Seized from various locations, including warehouses, hotels, and shops in Dodoma and Singida regions, the counterfeit products, which encompassed expired items and those with hazardous contents, were disposed of at Chidaya in Dodoma.

    Vincent Tarimo, TBS Central Zone quality control officer, emphasized the adverse effects of counterfeit goods on both the economy and public health. Counterfeit products, especially those with expired usage dates, pose risks ranging from short-term ailments to severe long-term diseases, including cancer. Tarimo underscored the continuous inspections across the country and urged traders to regularly assess their products for quality assurance, adhering to producers' guidelines and refraining from selling items with toxic ingredients.

    Strict legal actions will be pursued against unscrupulous traders, reinforcing TBS's commitment to upholding laws and regulations governing product quality and safety.

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