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  • The International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN) Annual survey. (deadline 15/01/2023)

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    Ben Hedley

    Message from The International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN) 


    IFAN serves as the Voice of Standards Users Worldwide.  We are initiating an annual survey series to gather data on the needs and requirements of standards users globally.  We would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting this survey distributed to as wide a selection of standards users as can be found. 

    The survey will help us provide standards developers with user feedback on such topics as pricing, available formats and products, and new concepts in developing and distributing standards and standards information We will share the results of our survey with our partners from the international standards organizations such as ISO, IEC and CEN/CENELEC.

    Please forward the attached sample email to standards users affiliated with your organization.

    All answers are anonymous.  The data will be aggregated into a report once the survey period closes on January 15, 2023.  Should you participate, a copy of that report will be made available to you upon request.

    More information on the survey and on IFAN is available in our newsletters and on our website,  And of course, you can always reach out to us by email for further clarification. 

    With our best wishes for the Summer/winter season and for the upcoming holidays.

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