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  • The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS), promoting awareness of the Circular Economy

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    Ben Hedley

    The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS), embracing the Circular Economy:

    In a world dominated by the linear take-make-dispose model, the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) actively promotes awareness and action towards a circular economy. The circular approach aims to eliminate product waste by keeping materials and products in circulation, addressing challenges like resource scarcity and environmental pollution.

    TTBS is engaging in key projects, including QI4CE, supporting the Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the National Mirror Committee contributes to ISO TC323  for Circular Economy.

    Collaborating with organizations like the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), TTBS strives for sustainable waste management, exemplified by initiatives such as iCARE, Trinidad and Tobago's first national recycling project. Together, these efforts pave the way for a more sustainable and circular future.


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