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  • UNCTAD eCommerce Week: 'Data & Digitization for Development' Panel session 26 April, 5-6 pm CEST

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    Ben Hedley

    Message from BSI:


    "Dear CSN Members,

    BSI is delighted to be part of the UNCTAD eCommerce Week, 25-29 April, focusing on ‘Data and Digitalization for Development’ to help shape a better digital future for all.

    We would like to cordially invite you to a virtual panel session on 26 April, 5-6 pm CEST where along with our partners UNCTAD, the African Development Bank and the UK Government, where we will be discussing:

    • ️ the challenges of digital transformation in developing countries
    • ️ the role of international standards and National Standards Bodies in accelerating digital transformation and facilitating digital trade
    •  how a standards-based digital toolkit can help manage national risks around cybersecurity, privacy, interoperability and digital ID – a key recommendation from our whitepaper.


    Register here:

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