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  1. For the latest on COVID-19, watch the WHO press conference live. Time: Mondays at 10am (GMT) and Thursdays at 3pm (GMT) Link:
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    Series 8 will be exploring the future of manufacturing and industries: Industry 4.0’s true potential in advancing the attainment of the SDGs and shaping Society 5.0 -
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  5. OECD Survey of South Africa will be hosting a webinar to discuss the current economic situation and the impact of CV-19 in South Africa and the ways in which the country can strengthen its response to the crisis. Time: 10am BST, on 31st July To register to the event, please click here:
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  11. To register to the webinar please follow this link:
  12. BSI will be hosting an informative webinar next week, on Wednesday, 29 July (2pm BST), to discuss Building Trust For Manufacturers of Infection Control Equipment. The webinar will be presented by expert speaker Holly Rossington, Electrical Certification Team Leader, who will explain the critical role standards and market assurance can play in demonstrating that a product is from a reliable and trusted source. Time: Jul 29, 2020 2pm BST To register, please follow this link:
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